"You Don't Have To Call Us Heroes"

Despite all that union members have done to provide crucial public services during the pandemic, and the billions we have saved through SEBAC agreements, anti-worker special interests are attempting to undermine state employees’ collective bargaining rights.

To preserve past gains and make future progress for working and middle-class families in these challenging times, we need to remind elected officials that there are better choices. That starts with amplifying the voices of those on the frontline of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) crisis, risking their lives to protect their communities.

Members of the New England Healthcare Employees Union, District 1199/SEIU have taken the first step with a powerful new ad out now on television, radio and social media

Similar efforts designed to educate the people we serve — and our elected representatives — about what's really at stake will follow. It’s up to us as union members to lead on demanding investments to rebuild Connecticut’s economy by adopting solutions that benefit everyone, not just the super rich and big business. 

That will require a balanced approach — especially with respect to Connecticut tax policy, which right now is unfairly tilted against working people and in favor of corporate lobbyists and the super rich. 

Keep that conversation going now by sharing District 1199/SEIU’s compelling ad today. (You can also click here for Spanish language version.)

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