Statement from SEBAC on the Filing of an Injunction over the Temporary Telework Agreement

SEBAC union leadership remains confident in the merits of our position and are optimistic that the Lamont Administration will review the facts of the case and agree to abide by the temporary telework agreement that was signed by both parties on June Following that, we look forward to work together on a long-term solution. 

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve heard member success stories clearly outlining the benefits of a flexible teleworking agreement -- benefits to the State as an employer and the public we serve. From increased productivity and quality performance to the positive environmental impacts like reduced emissions, improved air quality and public health, the benefits of telework are clear and something that the Administration should be taking a proud step in leading. 

The Lamont Administration must do everything in its power to address the existential crisis our state, our country and our world is facing with climate change. We already know that telework had a huge impact on our state’s reduction in carbon emissions and we must continue to reap these benefits wherever we can.   Our is and should continue to be a model employer in that regard, and the Administration cannot ignore the clear environmental benefits of telework while publicly committing to doing everything in its power to address climate change at the state level. 

The positive experience that many of our members have had with telework has been an unexpected silver lining during the pandemic.  Many have been able to telework throughout and have been more productive, better for the environment, while protecting against the spread of the virus.  The program has been good for the missions of our agencies, good for the environment, and good for the state’s bottom line.