SEBAC & the State Choose Arbitrator and Set a Date

SEBAC Update on Pandemic Pay – 10/31/2022

SEBAC leadership continues to advocate for pandemic hero pay that will recognize our state members’ sacrifices throughout COVID-19 and the critical role they, like all front-line workers played, in getting all of us through the worst of the pandemic.  

After months of negotiations, on October 5th, coalition leaders opted to enter into arbitration to ensure that frontline essential state workers who risked their health and safety throughout COVID-19 receive a fair and honorable pandemic pay award. Arbitration is a normal part of the collective bargaining process in the public sector and assures that a neutral third party makes the decision when the bargaining parties have differences about the fairest outcome for all sides.  

SEBAC and the State have selected Susan Meredith as the arbitrator for the pandemic pay arbitration onDecember 16th.

All frontline workers, public and private, deserve recognition of the sacrifices they and their families made to keep Connecticut running during the height of the pandemic. SEBAC leadership believes the arbitration is a necessary step toward achieving a just and fair settlement for our members.  

Be sure to check the SEBAC website as well your own union’s website for updates on pandemic pay.