SEBAC Responds to the Governor's Age-Based Vaccine Rollout

While we appreciate that the Governor has accepted the demand presented by the Board of Education Union Coalition to develop a school-based vaccine rollout for our education community, we are deeply concerned that other essential workers who have continued to risk their health and the health of their family members remain left behind in the Administration’s age-based rollout.

How can the Governor forget about the DOT road maintainers, social workers, on-site higher education teachers, and nearly 12,000 other dedicated public service employees -- not to mention our private sector counterparts, like grocery store workers, manufacturing workers, and delivery drivers and many others -- who, for the past year, have selflessly endured health and safety risks to provide essential services to the people of Connecticut in our collective time of need?

We urge the Governor to continue to fight to put as many vaccines as possible  into the arms of Connecticut workers and residents, but we encourage prioritization of the dedicated essential workers who have worked throughout the pandemic to  include all of the dedicated essential workers who have worked through the pandemic to provide vital services to Connecticut’s residents.