Pandemic Pay Look-Up Now Live

The pandemic pay lookup tool is now available for state employees to look up their pandemic pay award based on their risk designation and number of eligible hours.
As a reminder, this look-up tool will based upon the state’s records and will provide members with their current risk designation and the amount of the pandemic pay award they will receive. Note that these figures are subject to change if errors are discovered by either party. This will allow members to review that information and raise any concerns they have about the accuracy of the information presented. Remember that higher risk employees are first responders, employees who worked in congregate settings, and employees who worked in health care facilities during the relevant time period (March 20, 2020-March 27, 2021). Lower risk employees are any other employees who worked onsite during that time period. The portal will also include a link to a SEBAC form that will allow members to request review of their pandemic pay award amount by their union if they think it is incorrect.
Teaching faculty and salaried UHP members have not yet been added to this portal as there are ongoing issues that are being worked on. As we know more, we will be sure to update members. 

We expect the state to issue the pandemic pay no later than the first pay period following June 7, 2023 except where there is dispute about the amount, or in certain units at UConn and UConn Health where the state does not have hourly records. Retirees who worked during the covered period, should see payment no later than December 29, 2023. Please be sure to review your pandemic pay well in advance of this date since it is more efficient to make corrections in advance of paychecks being issued.

Here’s the link: Pandemic Pay for State Employees -- Office of State Comptroller