Governor's Latest Executive Order, "Stay Home, Stay Safe"

On March 20, Gov. Ned Lamont issued his latest executive order, deemed "Stay Home, Stay Safe."

Click here to access this Executive Order.

The Executive Order is effective at 8 pm on Monday, March 23, 2020.   It reads in part:

" [A]ll businesses and not-for-profit entities in the state shall employ, to the maximum extent possible, any telecommuting or work from home procedures that they can safely employ. Non-essential businesses or not-for-profit entities shall reduce their in-person workforces at any workplace locations by 100%.”

The order to "reduce personnel by 100%" is not applicable to the public sector. However, the order to "employ, to the maximum extent possible any telecommuting or work from home procedures they can safely employ"  is applicable to our members.

The administration has said agency commissioners are now reviewing operations to see what is genuinely essential work that cannot be performed at home, and that other workers will continue to be paid and will be asked to work from home if possible.  We have been told they hope to share their review of which workers fall into which categories with state employee union leaders this weekend.    

We are further reviewing this order and its application, and we will make further information available to members as soon as we get it.  We hope that the Executive Order will be implemented in accordance with the principles we have been pressing:

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