General Assembly Approves SEBAC Agreement

Historic SEBAC Agreement is Voted Favorably Out of the Senate Floor
Contracts will ensure Connecticut communities’ access to stable, reliable public safety, health, education and additional services

Following the bipartisan majority vote in the House yesterday, we are proud to see the Senate successfully vote for the SEBAC contract. This bipartisan, bicameral vote shows the General Assembly’s commitment to protecting the critical public services that Connecticut relies on.

Each of the 3.6 million residents in Connecticut rely on the critical public services state workers provide - whether you are standing in line at the DMV, attending a technical school, community college or state university, getting treatment at UConn Health, driving on our roads and bridges, enjoying a state park or beach, or any of the other ubiquitous public services – you will be uplifted by these fair and honorable contracts.

“Thank you to the Senate for standing in solidarity with our faculty and students! But our fight isn’t over,” said Audra King, associate professor of philosophy at CCSU, “Now is the time to double down on our efforts to build an education system that can and will address the needs of every student, particularly students from underrepresented communities. Let’s fight harder to ensure that our colleges and universities have the support they need to provide the education our students deserve,” said King, a CSU-AAUP member.

“The Senate and House votes on the SEBAC agreement send an incredibly positive message to those of us on the front lines of public safety,” said Amanda Tower, a correction officer and union steward for AFSCME Local 391. “We are facing critical staffing shortages, mass retirements and losses of mid-career staff members while struggling to attract qualified candidates. This contract is about more than wages and lump sum payments. It’s about investing in our public servants--the people who make Connecticut happen. We’re grateful to the Senators and Representatives who recognized that and voted favorably.”

“I appreciate the lawmakers in the General Assembly who voted to approve our contract. They showed real recognition for frontline workers beyond simply calling us ‘heroes’,” said Peter Baranowski, a radiologic technologist at UConn Health, “They also took meaningful steps to fund Connecticut’s future by investing in UConn Health’s current and future workforce. That will help assure the quality care all state residents need and deserve,” added Baranowski, a member of University Health Professionals, AFT Local 3837.

“It was a real privilege being on the NP-2 negotiating committee for the past 2 years. I knew the sacrifice it would take, but recognized the importance of standing up for my brothers and sisters of CEUI Local 511 for a fair and honorable contract. I knew what it would mean to the lives of my co-workers but also to our families. Today, the General Assembly approved the SEBAC agreement recognizing the dedication and sacrifices of all 43,000 workers and allows our state to move forward.” Mayco Morales, third shift custodian at SCSU with 9 years of service.

Historic SEBAC Agreement is Voted Favorably Out of the House Floor
Contracts will ensure Connecticut communities’ access to stable, reliable public safety, health, education and additional services 

We are proud to see the House vote for the SEBAC contract as they show their commitment to protecting the critical public services that Connecticut relies on. 

After hours of passionate debate, it was clear that there was no question, from either party, that these 43,000 state workers are deserving of these fair and honorable contracts, and there is a need to continue to provide public services. Where there was a breakdown in consensus was with funding. 

Let us be clear. You cannot be supportive of state workers and the services they provide without being supportive of the necessary funding to ensure that these positions are properly staffed. 

What those who voted against the contracts failed to acknowledge is that there’s a cost to not providing public services - the cost of not educating our students, not maintaining our roads and bridges, not providing mental  health and addiction services - the list goes on and on. 

We thank Representative Tom Delnicki who voted in favor of the SEBAC contract. His vote showed constituents that he doesn't view protecting public services as a  party-line issue, but as a Connecticut issue. 

“I am happy to see so many legislators not only support our state workers, but all of their constituents that rely on the critical public services we provide,” said Travis Woodward, CSEA SEIU Local 2001 President, “I am grateful to Representative Tom Delnicki for having the courage to vote in favor of this contract.”

“This is a reasonable contract that respects the public services we provide and will ensure that we retain mid-career workers,” said Margo Jones, Office Assistant for Dept. of Revenue Services and member of AFSCME Local 704. “We know that there is an expected retirement surge. This agreement will help keep institutional knowledge in state service where it belongs. It will keep state employees from leaving public service due to a lack of compensation.”

”During my 15 years of state service,” said Tina Griffith, CEUI Local 511, Lead Custodian at UCONN Storrs, resident of Columbia, “this is the first contract which honors our dedication and hard work without demanding we give back. The staffing crisis has been affecting us for far too long. This contract is the first step in recruiting and retaining experienced, and dedicated workers who have always proven to me in my tenure to protect the safety and well-being of the residents of CT.” 

"Community college faculty and staff provide critical resources for students including financial aid and mental health counseling, that our students need to  complete college successfully," said Joe Selvaggio, a professor at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich  and resident of Westbrook. "This contract begins to correct years of cuts in personnel by offering competitive compensation so that our colleges can recruit and keep staff and serve our students and our communities."

“The fair and honorable contracts that the House approved today does more than give the much needed raises to the 43,000 state workers in SEBAC; it ensures our state keeps moving forward,” said Jeff Beckwith, a Transportation Engineer with the Department of Transportation, “We’ve given up wages, steps, and healthcare and pension wins when the state was faced with financial crisis. It’s time we are given a fair contract during a time when the state is flush with cash to ensure that the future of our state is funded,” said Beckwith, a CSEA SEIU Local 2001 member.