The Fight Continues

Winning fair and honorable contracts was a critical first win for the 2022 Legislative Session, but the fight is not over. 

Before the Session adjourns on May 4th, we must fight for:
 - HB 5441: An Act Adopting the Recommendations of the Task Force to Study the State Workforce and Retiring Employees
 - SB 473: An Act Concerning the State Contracting Standards Board

Our 2022 agenda is centered on protecting and expanding public services, reversing decades of growth in class and race inequality, and making genuine progress towards justice for every Connecticut resident and community. Through the joint efforts of the labor and civil rights movement, public employment has become a pillar of opportunity for BIPOC communities, and the service provided a crucial lifeline for essential services and community well-being. And all of that is a risk, even with the SEBAC 2022 Contract.

Take a moment to send a letter to your State Representative & State Senate to urge them to pass the rest of our Legislative Agenda. Click HERE