State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition

Right-wing millionaires and billionaires like the Koch Brothers are trying to hijack the last week of Connecticut’s legislative session. 

They want to take money, power, and public services away from all working and middle class families, and rig our laws so more money "trickles up" to a privileged few. Don't let them!

Their vehicle is the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, a panel dominated Connecticut's ultra-wealthy and CEOs who aim to take away democratic rights and freedoms of working and middle class people in favor of tax breaks for the ultra wealthy.  

They know they don't have the votes to pass the whole report, so they are trying to slip through some of the worst pieces of the report -- like billionaire tax cuts, or eliminating bargaining of pension and health care -- as amendments to other legislation. (Click here for an amendment sponsored by Sen. Len Fasano.)

Don’t let them! Watch our video about what’s at stake and then contact your legislators today.